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Cayce Bernhardt

Private Voice & Piano Instructor
Bernhardt Studio


Background & Goals

Cayce knew she wanted to work out of her home—and treat her business professionally. Having just moved into a new state, she also knew it would be difficult to distinguish herself as an expert. We started working together when she was at the very beginning of her journey—creating a brand, building a website, and reaching out to her first students. There were many directions she could have taken her business, but we only focused on strategies that felt authentic, empowering, profitable, and sustainable.

Cayce’s main goals were to: 1) create a generous income working part-time, 2) run her music studio as a business vs. a side hobby.

Successes & Highlights

Cayce defied odds within our first two months together, at one point landing 12 clients in two weeks. She quickly became the most popular (and most expensive!) voice teacher in her area, even with no name recognition. We made sure she integrated the highest levels of professionalism into each touch point with clients. Her price reflected this professionalism and her extensive qualifications, yet we still overcame many mindset challenges related to pricing and sales. She rarely gets objections to her price even though she’s the highest in her local area.

Cayce replaced her previous income within the first month of launching her business. Her confidence continued to grow as we defined her core identity and values. We also implemented a business plan, marketing strategy, and modern, online platform for her client organization and communication.


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