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Ashley Guyatt

Blogger, Influencer & Social Media Specialist
Blonde Collective


Background & Goals

Ashley is a lifestyle and fashion blogger and the founder of Blonde Collective. Even though she had more than 30k followers on Instagram when we started and had collaborated with brands like Nordstrom, Forever 21, and Olay, she was still working a 9-5 job in social media… for someone else. The job paid the bills and helped sustain life in Los Angeles, but her true passion was writing, connecting with her followers, and collaborating with brands she loved.

Ashley’s main goal was to quit her office job and turn her blog into her full-time income.

Successes & Highlights

Ashley needed an effective strategy to unify and monetize the three main areas of her brand: her lifestyle blog, her Instagram account, and her social media expertise. After identifying her strengths and clarifying her vision for her business, we developed multiple strategies for getting her back to her roots (writing), growing her email list, expanding her influence, landing her biggest brand collaborations to date, and improving her sales pitching.

She left her social media job within two months and replaced her previous full-time income within five. Through designing a new workflow, a new sales strategy, and a new marketing funnel, we successfully tackled each of her goals and laid the foundations for future growth.


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