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Alyssa Glorioso

Wedding & Event Planner
Glorious Weddings & Events


Background & Goals

Alyssa invested in college to become a teacher and spent her first years after graduating in education. But it wasn’t completely fulfilling. She made an incredible leap of faith to start her own wedding and event planning business and had never been happier!

Alyssa is a serious doer and go-getter. When we started working together, she already had a business plan, marketing plan, a few clients, and a clear picture of where she wanted to go. The only problem was she had so many ideas and plans that it was overwhelming trying to organize it all. She needed help making sure she was headed the right direction and focusing on the right priorities. She had already read all the books and advice, but now she needed one-on-one coaching to walk with her towards her goals.

Alyssa’s main goal was to create a clear marketing strategy that could help her reach her short-term goals and easily be used for future plans—3 years, 5 years, and beyond.

Successes & Highlights

We clarified Alyssa’s ideal client so she could target her messaging and market herself effectively. We worked through mindset challenges, effective sales conversations, and goal-setting to create a plan that has continued to take Alyssa closer to her goals. I also did an in-depth analysis of her processes and project management

In the first six months, Alyssa started reaching her client goals, got included on preferred vendor lists, planned and designed a styled shoot, overhauled her processes on the back-end, and got published in Verily magazine.


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