Emma Moran

Empowering Creative Women

I never thought I'd actually write a book.

I've written my entire life, but the idea of actually publishing anything was the furthest thought from my mind.

Even more ironically, this is a book about selling.

For years I repeated the statement, "I can do anything in life except sales." I meant it partly in jest, but it was still a very real and deeply ingrained belief. I very much believed I had the potential to become a phenomenal medical doctor before I would ever become an effective salesperson.

But my life has taken an unusual path, and I've learned that all my previous beliefs about sales were wrong.

The more time I spend running my own creative business, the more I'm convicted that I need to write this book. If you are a creative person, I want to show you the truth about sales and how to sell your self and your business authentically and successfully.

Real-Time Progress

Estimated Completion Date:
January 2019